Eagle Ridge Resort
A Private Residential Community

Eagle Ridge Resort © 2013. more info

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For your enjoyment, however, usage is at your own risk.  The condo association is not responsible for any injury or loss of belongings.


  1. Keypad access
  2. No lifeguard on duty - do not leave kids unattended
  3. No glass or sharp objects in area
  4. Heated


  1. Keypad access
  2. No court time limit, but be courteous if someone is waiting
  3. No glass or sharp objects in area


  1. There are 4 dumpsters strategically located to best serve the buildings
  2. Do not leave garbage outside of the dumpsters - this attracts bears
  3. Please use another dumpster if full


  1. For a tranquil “sitting by” enjoyment
  2. No swimming or ice skating allowed